Friday, December 13, 2013

Fear Factor Part 3

The fear project that had the most impact on me was Leigh Fields story about her debt.  I couldn't imagine the amount of stress and fear she is going through.  Her story was one night she was driving then saw that a light was about to go red.  She tried to make the light be she hit a pedestrian on the way there.  Now she is being sued for tons of money and to make matters worse they found an open container of alcohol in her car.

This story really impacts me because it shows what could happen if you don't pay attention what's on the road for a split second.  Several times when I have been driving I realize that I may have done something stupid but I got lucky and nothing happened, but now I know I have to be more careful.  What also impacts me is the fear of the amount of debt she owes.  I have some student loans and sometimes I really worry about how I may be able to pay them in the future.

How I would try to use this project to make my own better is to present my project with a relate-able story.  Since my project was about when some one imposes their views onto others especially religion I could include a story of someone who felt trapped in their parents beliefs.  Although I have not been in this scenario, I believe most of the class could at least understand the situation.

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